We enable autologous serum therapies.

Inflammation is the main cause of many degenerative diseases and has a major impact on regeneration after injuries and surgical procedures. For this reason, physicians constantly strive to be able to regulate inflammation quickly and reliably. Autologous serum therapies offer the latest, most effective and safest approach to achieve this in a completely natural way.

For this purpose, the Scientific BioTech Group specialises in developing and manufacturing equipment that enables the creation of a completely body-own serum. This Autologous Cytokine Rich Serum (ACRS) can be used in various medical specialties.

The Procedure Pack for the creation of an Autologous Cytokine Rich Serum (ACRS)

Using our specially-developed Procedure Pack enables physicians and veterinarians to create an autologous serum that can be derived from the patient’s blood. Our procedure pack completely avoids using any artificial additives. Our specially designed and compiled devices trigger a completely natural process in the patient’s blood to create a serum that bears high concentrations of anti-inflammatory and regenerative cytokines. We offer tailored kits for our customers.

Detection of anti-inflammatory cytokines in ACRS

Two 10 ml blood samples were taken from each of 5 patients. The IL-1Ra concentration in native blood was measured in the first 10 ml (without incubation). For comparison, the remaining 10 ml were transferred to a special medical device and incubated for 3 hours. The tests were conducted with the Scientific BioTech Procedure Pack in March 2022 at the National Center of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases (NCIPD), in the National Reference Laboratory of Immunology (Sofia, Bulgaria).

The amount of the anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-1Ra was increased 15-fold (average) after three hours of incubation.

Education, knowledge and training

Please visit the websites of our parent company Sanakin BioScience which provides physicians and veterinarians with education, knowledge and training for autologous serum therapies.

For Physicians

For Veterinarians

Where to buy

You would like to start with our Procedure Pack for autologous therapies? Together with our partners, we provide physicians worldwide with all necessary consumables and equipment as well as initial training.

In some markets, we operate regional subsidiaries that take care of customers directly. Other markets are covered by our sales partners, with whom we are happy to establish contact.

Please write us an e-mail and we will put you in touch with one of our subsidiaries or a distribution partner in your country.

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