The medical device for creating a completely autologous serum by centrifugation

Scientific BioTech

Using our specially-developed medical device creates an autologous serum by centrifugation that can be derived from the blood of a patient. This device completely avoids using any artificial additives. Specially designed glass beads can trigger a completely natural process in the patient’s blood to create a highly beneficial and 100% autologous serum. We offer different tailored kits with or without disposables for local and international markets.

Through intensive research we will be able to improve our medical device in the coming years and making it more effective.

We are now only just beginning to develop what is possible.

Customer relationship

Scientific BioTech Partner Program

For partners who want to manage the distribution of our product in a target market.

Our partner program includes, among other things, product training and marketing support as well as a personal contact person.

Scientific BioTech Customer Program

For doctors and clinics who want to treat patients with the help of our medial products.

In every country where we do not have a local distributor doctors and clinics can start with our products and become our direct customers.

History and Numbers of Scientific BioTech GmbH

Founded July 2010 in Dortmund, Germany
Customers in 40+ Countries
225,000+ applications with our medical product
950+ doctors worldwide