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Our Aims — Present and Future

Using our specially-developed Sanakin and Ferakin technology an autologous cytokine rich serum (ACRS) can be derived from the blood of a patient. In order to ensure high tolerabil- ity, this technology completely avoids using any artificial additives. All kinds of inflammation, both in and on the body, can be autogolously treated using this serum. Another benefit of this technology is that it activates the body’s own regenerative power.

This special, autologous cytokine rich serum can activate the body’s ability to self-heal. The focus of the serum is on the production of positive interleukins and growth factors. These are crucial in intervening in the pain cascade, causing it to stop and subsequently triggering the regeneration process.

A doctor can use the serum derived for treating pain, signs of degenerative joint wear, and inflammation of the skin or oral area. Because the serum also activates the body’s natural regeneration processes, it is also very well-suited for use in aesthetics.
Through intensive research we will be able to improve our medical product in the coming years, making it more effective and adding further specialist fields in the future.

We pursue the vision that in the future all forms of osteoarthritis and degenerative inflammatory processes can be treated with the help of the body’s own proteins. In order to achieve this, we are looking for doctors who specialise in this field.
We are now only just beginning to develop what is possible.


Our mission is to give doctors and patients a new kind of personal medicine. A treatment that uses only the body’s own regenerative powers to heal, soothe and make life worth living and lovable.


Our Products Overview

With the help of Sanakin®, a 100% autologous serum is produced from the patient’s blood. This serum contains a high concentration of cytokines, which positively influence inflammatory processes and stimulate cell regeneration. Sanakin® is used in orthopedics, dermatology, dentistry and gynecology.

Ferakin® is the technology specially adapted for veterinary medicine to treat arthrosis in pets and farm animals completely autologously. Conventional long-term therapy often ends with an operation. In order to avoid this, we have developed the Ferakin® medical device.

Regenerative Cell Therapy is based on Sanakin® technology. From a small amount of blood, a completely autologous serum is produced, which stimulates the natural cell regeneration and supports it with valuable growth factors — natural beauty from the body’s own regenerative powers.

Company and Management

Markus Bora

Founder and Managing Director

Markus Bora is one of the founders and the CEO of Scientific BioTech.

The longterm experience of Markus are sales in different companies. In the beginning he did a bank apprenticeship and studied afterwards business administration. After several successful sales jobs Markus became the Sales Director of a biotech company and responsible for 16 employees. He gained a lot of experience of managing sales representatives and strategic planing in the medical business and in sales.

In 2010 he decided to found Scientific BioTech together with his wife. Markus is the head of sales and strategic development of the company.

Markus is the contact person regarding any questions of distribution or strategy.

Our Partner and Customer Program

Scientific BioTech Partner Program

For partners who want to manage the distribution of Sanakin© or Ferakin© in a target market …

This partner program contains the following items to keep the same high quality in every country. Here is a small extract for new partners:

  • We will provide every new partner with an exclusive contract
  • We will support the partner with a one-day launching event in his office – you bring the clients and we will train them and answer all their questions
  • We will train the sales team, e.g. how to sell the product in different medical fields to the clients
  • We provide the partner with our marketing materials in the local language
  • We will invite our partners once a year to an international come-together to exchange ideas with other partners
  • We will send our partners a regular newsletter to show them the latest news
  • We offer the partners to support them on national congresses in person
  • We will make rehearsals once a year to keep a high level of training
  • Our partners will get a contact person they can contyct any time

Currently running partner programs


Czech Republic
Slovak Republic
United Kingdom


Hong Kong

Middle East



Cayman Islands

Scientific BioTech customer program

For doctors and clinics who want to treat patients with the help of our medical devices Sanakin or Ferakin …

In every country where we do not have a local distributor customers can start with our products. To keep the high quality of the therapy here is what we do for our customers:

  • We will train the customers and the medical personnel on site
  • We will provide the customers with our marketing materials in the local language
  • We will put the customer in our international newsletter to provide him withthe latest news and stories about the therapy
  • We will organize a sitting in on classes in case the customer wants so